Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building?

Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building
Waldorf-Astoria rivs av 600 man – Trots alla stora ord försenades projektet redan från början. Av hänsyn till stadens invånare hade New Yorks stadsförvaltning utfärdat ett förbud mot stora rivningsgrävskopor på Manhattan. Tegelborgen Waldorf-Astoria fick därför rivas för hand.

Med släggor och kofötter plockade 600 man bort sten för sten. Till och med om nätterna genljöd den strålkastarupplysta byggarbetsplatsen av borrar och hammarslag. Rivningen av Waldorf-Astoria tog nästan ett halvår. Att bygga Empire State Building tog bara åtta månader. Medan arbetarna slet i skift höll Al Smith långa möten om tidsplanen med sina ingenjörer och entreprenörer.

För att vinna tid bestämde Smith att utgrävningen av grunden skulle påbörjas innan tomten var helt röjd. Så snart arbetarna hade forslat bort en del av hotellet från tomten, ryckte mark- och betongarbetarna in. Medan rivningsarbetarna raserade resterna av Waldorf-Astoria kunde de bara några meter längre bort se hur mark- och betongarbetarna sprängde sig ned i Manhattans granitberggrund.

  1. Beväpnade med tryckluftsborr gjorde de stora hål i berggrunden och fyllde dem med dynamit.
  2. En arbetare i en liten grävmaskin täckte sedan hålen med tunga mattor av sammanflätat stål.
  3. Mattorna hindrade bergssplitter från att flyga ut på femte avenyn, men hjälpte ingalunda mot larmet på byggarbetsplatsen.

I flera månader fick grannarna intill leva med oväsen från tryckluftsborrar och tunga lastbilar som var fjärde minut körde upp längs rampen från bygg­arbetsplatsen. Efter fem månaders arbete lastades det 28 529:e och sista lasset med bråte, granit och jord på en lastbil. Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Rivningen av Waldorf-Astoria tog nästan ett halvår. Att bygga Empire State Building tog bara åtta månader.
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How many working hours did it take to build the Empire State building?

More than 7 million man hours were logged in the Empire State Building’s construction. On May 1, 1931, then President Herbert Hoover pressed a button in Washington, D.C., to officially open the Empire State Building.
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How many times has the Empire State building been struck?

During this week’s thunderstorms that rumbled through the sweltering summer heat, the Empire State Building was hit by a bolt of lightning, Once the tallest building in the world, the 1,454-foot tall Empire State Building is still a colossus of Manhattan and during a thunderstorm often channels heaven’s fury.

  1. Each year it is hit with lightning about 25 times, protecting the area around it and the people inside its steel frame.
  2. A copper lightning rod at the top of its spire allows the electricity to travel through a wire into the ground where it is safely discharged.
  3. In the mid-1930s, the General Electric Company set up cameras to photograph the strikes and take oscilloscopic recordings of the currents in a study of the power of this new building—completed in 1931 —that had reached heights of no other building before.

They discovered that tall buildings can actually throw lightning into the sky, producing bolts that travel upwards from ground to cloud. The Empire State Building is one of the most photographed sites in the world: but does it get enough appreciation for its defense of Manhattan from lightning? Find a view of it and walk towards it, notice the height of its spire, get closer until you lose sight of it in the city blocks.

  • Then find yourself right next to it.
  • Step inside the lobby.
  • Discreetly touch a marble wall.
  • Notice how cool the stone feels and think of the incredible heat of the lightning the building channels through its architecture (the air in the wake of a bolt can reach 50,000℉ –five times hotter than the sun’s surface).

Maybe say a quiet thanks for almost a century of being a guardian in summer storms. Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building An issue of the Adventures in Science comic book series published by General Electric in the 1950s featuring art by artists such as George “Inky” Roussos. The series covered the wondrous range of electricity. This issue on the distribution of electricity featuring a model of the Empire State Building is available online through the Museum of Innovation & Science,

Another colossal lightning rod? The Statue of Liberty. The famous lines from Emma Lazarus’s poem center huddled masses, but the verses inside the pedestal of our Lady of Conducting Copper first refer to “A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning.” The National Park Service acknowledges that she is electrically smitten ” many times each year,” but stops short of assigning hard numbers.New Yorker Nikola Tesla believed he’d one-upped Ben Franklin by inventing a ” pointless lightning rod ” in 1918. A contemporary article pointed out his “Good Reasons For This Radical Departure in Lightning Rod Design,” but Tesla’s tech does not seem to have wide uptake in modern circles. The company that installed lightning mitigation for St. Patrick’s Cathedral, JFK and Laguardia Airports, and the Plaza favors near-invisible installations to temper celestial bolts. Take a note from Tesla and reinvent ways of channeling the powerful forces that may strike unexpectedly.Lately, your lights may flicker or even go out as our need to stay cool taxes the grid in this fair, sweltering city. Consider it an eerie message coming down the wires from the legendary 1977 blackout, That (in)famous power outage was caused not by overstretched window units, but by an unfortunate concurrence of lightning bolts—two strikes that within 20 minutes took out major transmission lines in Westchester, ultimately leading to the failure of the NYC’s largest generator, aka Big Allis, Tonight, flip all your switches to off and stare out onto the rooftops before you, watching the skies for blinding hairline fractures of the heavens.

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How tall was the Empire State building when it was first built?

1. It was constructed during a race to create the world’s tallest building. – Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images In the late-1920s, as New York’s economy boomed like never before, builders were in a mad dash to erect the world’s largest skyscraper. The main competition was between 40 Wall Street’s Bank of Manhattan building and the Chrysler Building, an elaborate Art Deco structure conceived by car mogul Walter Chrysler as a “monument to me.” Both towers tried to best each other by adding more floors to their design, and the race really heated up in August 1929, when General Motors executive John J.

  • Raskob and former New York Governor Al Smith announced plans for the Empire State Building.
  • Upon learning that the Empire State would be 1,000 feet tall, Chrysler changed his plans a final time and fixed a stainless steel spire to the top of his skyscraper.
  • The addition saw the Chrysler Building soar to a record 1,048 feet, but unfortunately for Chrysler, Raskob and Smith simply went back to the drawing board and returned with an even taller design for the Empire State Building.

When completed in 1931, the colossus loomed 1,250 feet over the streets of Midtown Manhattan. It would remain the world’s tallest building for nearly 40 years until the completion of the first World Trade Center tower in 1970.
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Was the Empire State building destroyed?

Coordinates : 40°44′54″N 73°59′08″W  /  40.74833°N 73.98556°W

1945 Empire State Building B-25 crash

The Empire State Building on fire following the crash
Date July 28, 1945 (77 years ago)
Summary Controlled flight into terrain (building) in inclement weather conditions (fog).
Site Empire State Building, New York City
Total fatalities 14
Aircraft type B-25 Mitchell
Aircraft name Old John Feather Merchant
Operator United States Army Air Forces
Registration 41-30577
Flight origin Bedford Army Air Field Bedford, Massachusetts
Destination Newark Metropolitan Airport
Occupants 3 (flight crew members)
Fatalities 3
Ground casualties
Ground fatalities 11

On July 28, 1945, a B-25 Mitchell bomber of the United States Army Air Forces crashed into the Empire State Building in New York City, while flying in thick fog. The accident caused the deaths of fourteen people (three crewmen and eleven people in the building) and damage estimated at US$ 1 million (equivalent to about $15 million in 2021), although the building’s structural integrity was not compromised.
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How long does it take to do the Empire State Building?

4. How long does a typical visit take? Is there a time limit? – There are no time limits or specified visiting windows. Allow at least one hour for your visit, slightly more if you will be visiting both the main deck and the top deck. During peak visiting hours, especially in the warmer months, there may be extended waits to buy tickets and enter the elevators.
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How long does it take to hit the ground from the Empire State Building?

Myth: Dropping a Penny from the top of the Empire State Building is Dangerous – You’ve probably heard people say how if you drop a penny off the top of the Empire State Building, it will accelerate to such a speed that if it struck someone, it would kill them.

This simply isn’t true at all, not by a long shot. The worst that would happen if you dropped a penny from this height is that it would sting a bit when it hit them. In most cases, it wouldn’t even do that. In fact, even if you dropped it from an airplane flying at 35,000 feet, it still wouldn’t do any real damage to the person it hit.

So let’s talk specifics. The Empire State Building is about 1250 feet tall. If there were no air resistance on the penny as it fell, that would mean it would reach a maximum velocity of around 190-ish miles per hour when it hit the ground, taking just shy of 9 second to do so.

  1. That might sound really fast, but fortunately, it’s still not fast enough to kill someone.
  2. Somewhat surprisingly, that still likely wouldn’t be fast enough to penetrate a person’s skin, especially if it hit the flat side down, instead of the edge.
  3. For reference, a relatively low-“powered” bullet (.22 caliber), which is about equivalent in mass to a penny, is shot out with an initial speed of around 600 miles per hour.

That obviously will penetrate your skin at close range, but it’s because the surface area that strikes your skin is much smaller. A penny, even at that speed, wouldn’t cause that much damage as demonstrated by Myth Busters when they shot a penny at over 700 mph at a gel “skull”.

  1. The penny wasn’t even able to penetrate the gel at all at that speed, which was over three times the speed a penny would reach falling from the top of the Empire State Building with no air resistance.
  2. So what about in real life where there is air resistance? That’s a little harder to calculate because a penny is going to be greatly affected by the wind.

The updraft next to the Empire State Building can even be sufficient to make it so the penny won’t ever reach the ground near the Empire State Building, rather being caught in the swells and flying about until it is free from them. Let’s move away from a place that has such an updraft and windy environment.

What would the terminal velocity be then? It turns out, pennies have a pretty low terminal velocity (just a bit faster than a ping-pong ball, which has a terminal velocity of around 20-ish mph). In open air, with no real updraft or breeze, a penny’s terminal velocity is going to be around 30-50 miles per hour.

If there is a good wind, even without an updraft, that’s going to drop significantly. You can even test this near your home because a penny will reach its terminal velocity in only about 50 feet. Find someplace where you can drop a penny 50 feet down and have someone waiting at the bottom to catch it (or time it to determine the velocity).

  • They’ll have a really hard time catching it, due to the fact that it will spin and flutter about like a knuckle-ball, particularly if it’s breezy out.
  • But if you do manage to hit them, I suspect they won’t complain.
  • Indeed, as you can read in one of my sources, someone conducted this very experiment, dropping some pennies from a height sufficient for it to reach its terminal velocity (they chose a couple hundred feet, which was more than sufficient) and trying to catch them.

One of the pennies hit a person in the chin and it didn’t even sting, it just felt like a bug had hit them. Several other pennies hit them on various places on their bodies and weren’t really felt much at all through their clothes. If you’ve got a decent throwing arm, a less nice way to test this out without even leaving the comfort of your own home, which I in no way recommend for legal reasons, is simply to take a penny and attempt to chuck it at someone standing near you.

If you’ve got a good arm at all, it’s going to reach much higher than its terminal velocity (assuming you stand close to them so it doesn’t have a chance to slow down) and you might even be able to get it to hit with the edge pointing forward for maximum speed and stinging power, which is something that isn’t likely dropped from a high height.

They’ll probably not be too happy with you, but even if it hits their bare skin, it’s only going to sting a bit. Just tell them it’s !!!FOR SCIENCE!!! and try not hit them in the eye. That would hurt even if you had a weak throwing arm. Of course, given all this, one shouldn’t take away from this that it is safe to drop all light objects from high heights.

It really has a lot to do with surface area to weight ratio and how aerodynamic the thing is. Pennies will flutter about and are greatly affected by the wind. Something like a decently weighted metal fountain pen, on the other hand, could cause serious damage if dropped from a high height. It’s aerodynamically shaped and has a nice pointy end.

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An object like that reaching even just a hundred miles an hour can easily puncture skin and much worse. Heck, even bullets shot straight up in the air have been shown to be quite dangerous by the time they get back to the ground (not all bullets, but many).

As stated, a penny’s terminal velocity is going to be around 30-50 mph. For reference, the terminal velocity of a sky diver is going to be around 130-ish mph (like all these examples, that varies depending on a lot of factors, but that’s a good ballpark number). Speaking of ballparks, the terminal velocity of a baseball is around 100 mph; for a tennis ball it’s around 60 mph; a ping pong ball is going to be around 20 miles per hour; and a raindrop is going to be around 15 mph.

Daven Hiskey, M.S. Daven has a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science as well as a fairly significant background in mathematics, physics, astronomy, history, literature, electrical engineering, and music, spending much of his time in college seeing if he could set a record for course credits, student loans, and years spent to achieve a single B.S.
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Has anyone survived a fall from the Empire State Building?

Man Survives Fall From Empire State Building After Landing on Catwalk Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Getty Images Tourists checking out the breathtaking views from the top of New York’s Empire State Building got a shock when a man fell from the observation deck, only to have his drop stopped a floor below. Nathaniel Fimone fell from the observation deck of the Manhattan skyscraper on Wednesday night, just before midnight, New York Police Department Detective Mark Nell told

“He jumped from the 86 th floor and landed on a catwalk just below it, between the 86th and 85 th floors,” Nell said. According to eyewitnesses who, Fimone, once he was on the catwalk, swung his legs into the air as if he meant to drop again. It is unclear if Fimone’s fall from the 86th floor of the 102-story building was intentional.

Calls placed to the offices of the Empire State Building by ABC News were not immediately returned. After he was escorted away, past shocked tourists, by emergency service officers, Fimone was taken to New York’s Bellevue hospital, according to the FDNY.
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Has a plane ever crashed into the Empire State Building?

Remembering the 1945 Empire State Building plane crash Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Firemen search through the charred ruins near a gaping hole in the wall of an office on the 79th floor of the Empire State Building in New York on July 28, 1945, after an army B-25 bomber crashed into the world’s tallest building. Eleven people in the office and three men aboard the plane were killed in the crash during heavy fog. (AP) Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building The damaged portion of the Empire State Building in New York is visible after a B-25 Mitchell bomber crashed into it during heavy fog on July 28, 1945. This photo was taken the day after. The plane was piloted by William Franklin Smith, Jr., whose body was found two days after the crash at the bottom of an elevator shaft. (AP) Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Emergency services personnel work in the wreckage after an Army B-25 bomber crashed into the 78th and 79th floors of the Empire State Building on July 28, 1945, in New York. The B-25 was flying toward Newark in heavy fog when it slammed into the building, killing three people on the plane and 11 in the building. (AP) Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Pictured is a part of the US B-25 bomber which crashed into the Empire State Building in New York City on July 28, 1945. The main part of the wreckage fell onto the street below while leaking petrol set the upper stories of the building on fire. All three people on board and eleven office workers were killed. (Getty Images) Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Despite the loss of life and catastrophic damage estimated at around one million dollars, which today would equate to more than $13 million, the building was open for business on many floors the following Monday. (Ernie Sisto/AP) Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building The gaping hole (circled) at the 78th and 79th floors of the Empire State Building in New York marks the place where the B-25 army bomber crashed into the structure on July 28, 1945. (Tom Fitzsimmons/AP) Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Workmen begin the task of rebuilding a wall knocked out after the B-25 Mitchell bomber plane crashed into the building on July 28, 1945. Among those injured was elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver, who miraculously survived when the elevator she was in fell 75 stories when the cables snapped. Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building The engine and part of the wing of a B-25 bomber are seen protruding from the Empire State Building after it crashed into the 79th floor on July 28, 1945, in New York City. (Ernie Sisto/AP) Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Workmen survey the damage left behind after a plane crashed into the side of the Empire State Building. The plane carved an 18-by-20-foot hole in the building. (Wally Seymour/New York Daily News) Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Firemen and other investigators look at the damage done to an office on the 79th floor of New York’s Empire State Building by a B-25 bomber on July 28, 1945. (AP) Spectators on 34th St. examine the wreckage of the plane that crashed into the Empire State Building during dense fog on July 28, 1945.

  • The B-25 bomber was headed for Newark Airport when it crashed into the 79th floor of the building.
  • New York Daily News) A man inspects one of the plane’s motors in the hall of the Empire State Building.
  • One motor crashed through a penthouse art studio while the other motor plummeted down an elevator shaft.

(Wally Seymour/New York Daily News) One of the bomber’s motors, trailing part of the plane, crashed through two walls of the building, plummeted through the roof and ended up burning in a studio at 10 W.33rd St. (New York Daily News) One of the plane’s motors fell 900 feet before crashing into the roof of a nearby penthouse art studio.

  • New York Daily News) Pieces of the crashed plane are cut up for removal from the 78th floor of the Empire State Building.
  • Wally Seymour/New York Daily News) A wheel of the B-25 Bomber was found in an elevator shaft on the 79th floor of the Empire State Building after the bomber crashed into the 78th and 79th floors.

(AP) Workmen load pieces from the crashed plane onto a truck after being cut up and removed from the 78th floor. (Wally Seymour/New York Daily News) Following the crash on July 28, 1945, the Empire State Building was closed to anyone not there on official business.

(Wally Seymour/New York Daily News) Theresa Scarpelli was on the 79th floor when the bomber hit. She recovered from injuries in Bellevue Hospital. (Bill Meurer/New York Daily News) Don Malony (L), a hero Coast Guardsman, carries a first aid kit as he helps an injured woman down the stairs after a plane crashed into the Empire State Building on July 28, 1945.

(Gordon Rynders/New York Daily News) : Remembering the 1945 Empire State Building plane crash
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How many people have jumped off Empire State Building?

Named by Life magazine as the “The Most Beautiful Suicide” – Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the Empire State Building, 1947 “The most beautiful suicide” – Evelyn McHale, 1947. This powerful photo taken by Robert C. Wiles was published as a full-page image in the 12 May 1947 issue of Life Magazine. It ran with the caption: ” At the bottom of the Empire State Building the body of Evelyn McHale reposes calmly in grotesque bier, her falling body punched into the top of a car “.

  1. Evelyn McHale is probably the most famous Empire State Building suicide victim.
  2. The young and pretty Evelyn leaped from the 86th-floor observatory in 1947 and landed on the roof of a United Nations limousine parked on the street below.
  3. Her calmly elegant demeanor, her legs crossed at the ankles, the way the car’s metal folded like sheets and framed her head and arms—perhaps these were the reasons that McHale’s death was given its title as “The Most Beautiful Suicide”.

When she died, she was still wearing her pearls and white gloves. Evelyn McHale Born September 20, 1923, and one of seven siblings, she was a child in Washington D.C. when McHale’s mother left the household and her parents divorced. Her father, a bank examiner, retained custody of all the children. After high school, McHale became a WAC, stationed in Jefferson, Missouri.

She made her way to New York City where she worked as a bookkeeper and lived quietly with her brother and sister-law in Baldwin, Long Island. She met her fiancé Barry Rhodes, a Pennsylvania college student just discharged from the Air Force and was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Rhodes’s younger brother.

On April 30, 1947, Evelyn took the train from New York to Easton to visit Barry for his 24th birthday. All seemed well between the couple, and the next day, Barry kissed his fiancé goodbye as she boarded the 7:00 AM train to Penn Station. “When I kissed her goodbye, she was happy and as normal as any girl about to be married”.

Their wedding was set to be held at Barry’s brother’s home in Troy, New York, that June. Around 10:40 am Patrolman John Morrissey, directing traffic at Thirty-fourth Street and Fifth Avenue, noticed a white scarf floating down from the upper floors of the building. Moments later he heard a crash and saw a crowd converge on 34th street.

Evelyn had jumped, cleared the setbacks, and landed on the roof of a United Nations Assembly Cadillac limousine parked on 34th street, some 200 ft west of Fifth Ave. A photography student across the street, Robert C. Wiles, heard the loud crash of her body hitting the metal, and ran over too.

Fortuitously, he had his camera and took a photo of her as she lay on the roof of the crumpled car. It was snapped just four minutes after she died and, despite the 1050-foot fall (320 m), her body looked intact. Remarkably Evelyn shows absolutely no evidence of trauma and appears disarmingly placid and composed – as if asleep.

Around her, however, the crumpled sheet metal and broken glass show the violent destructive evidence of her jump. This apparent juxtaposition is what makes Wiles’ image so arresting and memorable. Some 60 years later it remains a haunting and affecting piece of photo-journalism. A colored version of the famous photo. According to reports she essentially “fell apart” when they moved her body. Her insides were basically liquefied. Later, on the observation deck, detective Frank Murray found her tan (or maybe gray, reports differ) cloth coat neatly folded over the observation deck wall, a brown make-up kit filled with family pictures, and a black pocketbook with the note which read: “I don’t want anyone in or out of my family to see any part of me. Since the Empire State Building was constructed in 1931 some 36 people have jumped from the building, including 17 from the 86th-floor observation deck. Evelyn was the 12th suicide from the building and the sixth to clear all of the setbacks. She was one of five people in a three-week period to attempt suicide from the observation deck.
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Is there a 13th floor in the Empire State building?

Are Apartments on 13th Floors Harder to Sell? – Though research has shown that most people don’t really believe the number 13 is unlucky, it hasn’t stopped developers from erring on the side of caution when it comes to construction. Real estate agents tend not to have problems selling units on the particular floor, but the fact is that most buildings lack them anyway.

  • But if there is even a minuscule chance that a 13th-floor unit won’t sell due to superstition, then a developer will just as quickly avoid the risk and skip from 12 to 14.
  • And some real estate agents are glad about that.
  • Sam Hellinger, a licensed real estate agent with Urban Pads, told us that he had once had a client opt for a second-floor unit over a unit on the 13th floor with a much better view.

“People still see it as bad luck,” he says. With that said, some of NYC’s most famous buildings do have 13th floors. The Empire State Building has one. So does the Flatiron, as did the Twin Towers. One World Trade Center includes it, as do all Hilton International hotels.
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Who owns the land under the Empire State building?

In 1994, the land under the building, which at the time was encumbered by a long term lease, was acquired for a reported $42 million by Japanese billionaire Hideki Yokoi, and later transferred to the Trump Empire State Partners, a joint venture of Donald J. Trump and a member of the Yokoi family.
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How deep does the Empire State building go?

Facts & Figures about the Empire State Building The total weight of the building is estimated to be 365,000 tons, resting on foundations laid to a depth of 55 feet 8 inches and made up of 210 pillars.
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Who stole the Empire State Building?

It took 90 minutes for Daily News to ‘steal’ the Empire State Building

  • In one of the biggest heists in American history, the Daily News “stole” the $2 billion,
  • And it wasn’t that hard.
  • The News swiped the 102-story Art Deco skyscraper by drawing up a batch of bogus documents, making a fake notary stamp and filing paperwork with the city to transfer the deed to the property.
  • Some of the information was laughable: Original “King Kong” star is listed as a witness and the notary shared a name with bank robber,
  • The massive ripoff illustrates a gaping loophole in the city’s system for recording deeds, mortgages and other transactions.
  • The loophole: The system – run by the office of the city register – doesn’t require clerks to verify the information.

Less than 90 minutes after the bogus documents were submitted on Monday, the agency rubber-stamped the transfer from Empire State Land Associates to, Nelots is “stolen” spelled backward. (The News returned the property Tuesday.) “Crooks go where the money is.

That’s why Willie Sutton robbed banks, and this is the new bank robbery,” said, who is prosecuting several deed fraud cases. Of course, stealing the Empire State Building wouldn’t go unnoticed for long, but it shows how easy it is for con artists to swipe more modest buildings right out from under their owners.

Armed with a fraudulent deed, they can take out big mortgages and disappear, leaving a mess for property owners, banks and bureaucrats.

  1. “Once you have the deed, it’s easy to obtain a mortgage,” Farrell said.
  2. Many crooks have done just that:
  3. – Smith stole her 88-year-old grandmother’s house in,, pocketing $445,000 in mortgages she took out.

“Her grandmother raised her,” said, Smith, 22, was arrested last December and is serving a one-year jail term for fraud. – A man posing as someone who had been dead for 19 years deeded the dead man’s property to himself. He then sold it to the scheme’s mastermind, who took out a $533,000 mortgage and vanished with the cash.

  • Managed to steal seven dilapidated city-owned buildings in 10 years ago.
  • He got renovation permits, fixed up one of the buildings, and rented out apartments.
  • He sold another building for $250,000 and ran his scam for nearly two years until he was caught.
  • Dushevic returned the buildings and did 18 months behind bars.
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The says financial institutions filed 31% more Suspicious Activity Reports involving mortgage fraud last year than in 2006. Nationwide, lenders’ losses totaled $813 million, and was one of the top 10 mortgage fraud states.

  • In the city, deeds accepted by the register’s office are recorded on that agency’s Web site, where they are easily viewed and are the basis for mortgage transactions.
  • The News investigation disclosed that mortgage brokers, representatives of title companies, lending banks, lawyers and others in the mortgage process often failed to verify identification and other information provided by the thieves.
  • Unlike the city employees, the brokers and others should check mortgagors’ information, their professional trade associations say.

In one Queens deed fraud case, a mortgage broker and title company representative are accused of taking part in the scam. They are charged with helping obtain $1.4 million in mortgages from two of the biggest banks in the city on behalf of the scammer, who has vanished.

In all cases The News reviewed, the city register’s office accepted and recorded the fraudulent mortgages. Unlike the thieves, The News did not obtain a mortgage on the Empire State Building. Instead, The News returned the property to its rightful owners Tuesday – less than 24 hours after the fake deed was filed.

The News also is withholding key details of how the scam works.

  1. Real thieves get the mortgage cash, ripping off banks and leaving the properties’ owners with mortgage debt and ruined credit.
  2. “Mortgages stay with properties,” Farrell explained.
  3. When the victims don’t pay the mortgages they didn’t take out, lending banks foreclose on the properties.
  4. A major tool thieves use is the notary stamp on documents, one item city employees check.

“They don’t check to see if it’s real, but they do check to see if it’s there,” said a lawyer familiar with the system. The stamps are easy to get and cost about $30.

  • National mortgage broker and title company trade associations said their members try to verify identification but can be fooled by clever hustlers.
  • “We know you can forge driver’s licenses,” said, president of the,
  • “Every time the industry finds out measures to stop fraud, the thieves always get one up on us.”
  • , a member of the board of governors of the, said, “There are people who are very good at this and it’s hard to stop.”

: It took 90 minutes for Daily News to ‘steal’ the Empire State Building
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Who destroyed the Empire State Building?

A B-25 Crashes Into The Empire State Building In 1945 – Gloria Pall, pictured here in 1945, worked on the 56th floor of the Empire State Building when it was hit by a B-25 bomber. Courtesy Gloria Pall hide caption toggle caption Courtesy Gloria Pall Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Gloria Pall, pictured here in 1945, worked on the 56th floor of the Empire State Building when it was hit by a B-25 bomber. Courtesy Gloria Pall On July 28, 1945, residents of New York City were horrified when an airplane crashed into the Empire State Building, leaving 14 dead.

Though the events of that day have largely faded from public memory, they remain etched in the minds of those who experienced them. It was the waning days of World War II, and a B-25 bomber was flying a routine mission ferrying servicemen from Massachusetts to New York City’s LaGuardia Airport. The day was foggy.

Capt. William F. Smith, who had led some of the most dangerous missions in WWII in Europe, was the pilot. When Smith arrived in the New York area, the weather was getting worse. He called LaGuardia and requested a clearance to land. With nearly zero visibility, the tower suggested that Smith not land.

  1. Smith said, ‘Thank you very much’ and signed off,” says Arthur Weingarten, who wrote The Sky Is Falling, about what happened that day.
  2. He ignored it So he started to make a little bit of a turn that brought him over midtown Manhattan, and as he straightened out, the clouds broke up enough for him to realize he was flying among skyscrapers.” The bomber crashed into the Empire State Building, the tallest building in the world at the time.

The collision killed Smith, two others on the plane and 11 people who worked inside the building. Therese Fortier Willig, who was 20 years old at the time, worked for the Catholic Relief Services on the 79th floor. “In the other side of the office, all I could see was flames,” Willig said.

“Mr. Fountain was walking through the office when the plane hit the building and he was on fire – I mean, his clothes were on fire, his head was on fire. Six of us managed to get into this one office that seemed to be untouched by the fire and close the door before it engulfed us. There was no doubt that the other people must have been killed.” Gloria Pall worked for the United Service Organization’s headquarters on the 56th floor.

“I was at the file cabinet and all of a sudden the building felt like it was just going to topple over,” Pall said. “It threw me across the room, and I landed against the wall. People were screaming and looking at each other. We didn’t know what to do. We didn’t know if it was a bomb or what happened.

  1. It was terrifying.” The fire trapped hundreds of office workers, including Willig and Pall.
  2. There was panic.
  3. A man named Paul Dearing jumped.
  4. When the plane hit, parts of the engine flew ahead and severed the lifting cables of two elevators on the 79th floor, according to Weingarten.
  5. The elevators crashed to the subbasement.

In one of the elevators was a 19-year-old elevator operator named Betty Lou Oliver. She broke her pelvis, back and neck – but she survived. Willig recalled what she was thinking as the fire burned on the 79th floor. “It was a very small universe at that point.

You’re stuck there in an island, with fire all around us,” Willig said. “A couple of the women had passed out from the smoke, and I had a handkerchief in my pocket, and so I used that to cover my nose and my mouth to protect me from the fumes. And somebody had opened the window. And I’m sitting there, and I thought about my rings.

And I thought I won’t be around to have them, someone else might as well have use out of them. So I took them off my fingers and threw them out the window.” Willig said a man on the street below saw the office workers trapped in the building and signaled to them to stay where they were.

“I guess he was trying to give us some solace – to say don’t worry,” Willig said. “And that was a connection with the rest of the world. We all felt a little better to know that someone knew we were there.” “And all of a sudden here were firemen and they’re coming to rescue us, all dressed up in their raincoats, whatever they wear,” Willig said.

“It was just wonderful. We climbed out through the broken glass. I was just grateful to be alive.” Pall said she didn’t know what happened until she was out of the building. “I saw crowds of people just looking at each other and I said, ‘What happened? What happened?’ ” Pall said.
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Why is the Empire State Building empty?

5 Unexpected Facts about the Empire State Building While living in, it’s often easy to forget that you are in the vicinity of one of the most famous buildings in the world. In fact, there are so many unexpected and interesting facts about the that it’s easy to overlook them and it’s difficult to keep track of them all.

As an example, did you know that when the upper tower was originally designed, it was actually put there as a mooring mast for airships? While this may seem unusual in this day and age, air dirigibles were all the rage during the time of the construction of this building, so it made sense to offer a gangplank as a way for passengers to disembark the airship and make their way into Manhattan.

This first surprising fact is a bonus. We’re also going to tell you about five other unexpected facts that you probably didn’t know about the most famous building in the world. So if you’re looking to learn more information about the Empire State Building, we recommend sticking around and reading the rest of this article to learn the truth.1.

  1. The Empire State Building Was a Financial Flop When It Was First Built This may seem impossible today, but believe it or not, the stock market crash of 1929 made the beginning days of the Empire State building very difficult, and the building was off to a rocky start.
  2. Remember, the stock market crash in ‘29 was only the beginning.

It set off the, which was the worst economic downturn in the history of the US that lasted for an entire decade. When the building opened in 1931, less than 25% of the offices were occupied. In fact, another little-known or remembered fact is that this building was actually nicknamed the “Empty State Building” because so few tenants were paying rent or using the offices and other forms of retail space.

For most of the 1930s, the upper half of this building was basically vacant in its entirety. The building owners wanted to create the illusion of the building being filled, so they would have their workers go through the upper floors and turn on the lights to make it seem like people were working in there.

Once World War II came into being, the building finally started to turn a profit.2. In 1945, a B-25 Bomber Crashed into the Building Yes, this is something you don’t hear about too often today since it happened nearly 75 years ago. But when a B-25 Bomber was flying toward LaGuardia Airport in New York, the pilot was disoriented by heavy fog in the area and began to drift over Midtown Manhattan.

  • Although the veteran pilot was capable of dodging a number of other skyscrapers, he couldn’t avoid the Empire State Building and ended up crashing into the building between the 78th and 79th floor at 200 miles an hour.
  • During the crash, a massive explosion was also triggered and debris from the building was sent crashing into the interior of the building.

The pilot and two of his crewmen were killed along with 11 people located in the building. The crash also created a four alarm fire on a few of the floors. At the time, the Empire State Building was the tallest building in New York history, yet the brave firefighters in the city managed to put out the blaze in a mere 40 minutes.

And two days later, the undamaged parts of the building were open for business once again.3. The Empire State Building Was Part of a Race to Build the Tallest Building in the World The history books often fail to mention that in the late 1920s, there was an economic boom in New York prior to the Great Depression.

During this time of economic prosperity, builders were racing one another to create the tallest skyscraper in the world. The competition was fierce and in the running were the Chrysler Building and the Bank of Manhattan Building, but ultimately New York Governor Al Smith and John J Raskob announced their plans for the Empire State Building, which at the time became the tallest building in the world and held the title for 40 years until the World Trade Center was built.4.

  1. They Finished Building the Empire State Building in Record Time Even though it may seem unlikely, this colossal building went from the design, planning, and construction stages to being completely finished within a mere 20 months.
  2. Yes, it took less than two years to come up with the concept for the Empire State Building to actually having the building exist on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

In fact, the entire project was complete briskly in 410 days. On the project, they had 3400 men working on the building every day, and they worked at a record pace that lasted throughout the entire project. During construction, at least five workers were killed but they did finish the building ahead of schedule.5.

  • They Briefly Planned to Add 11 More Floors to the Empire State Building Although it was ultimately squashed, architects wanted to add 11 more floors to the Empire State building briefly after the was erected.
  • They considered doing this to maintain the title as the tallest building in the world, but cost concerns and other complaints were the reason why this idea never came to fruition.

Experience the Empire State Building like Never before from Manhattan Luxury Apartments Renoir House is one of the premier locations for luxury living in Manhattan. The amenities and the are second to none. In fact, according to their website, “Renoir House provides the quintessential New York City rental experience.
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Is Empire State Building better at night or day?

9 Stunning Empire State Building Night Shots – Entry to the Empire State Building at night is available with a standard ticket. There are no special night tickets available to see the Empire State Building. However, the best photographs of the building are taken from the outside.

  1. These are some of the best nighttime photographs:
  2. The illuminated Empire State building on a cloudy night with fog and the American flag in the foreground.

Photographed from the Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock). A beautiful night with a blueish sky as a background.

  • A long exposure photo in the night during the summer of June.

A beautiful night shot. The Empire State Building is only illuminated by its own lights. Since 2012, the Empire State Building has used a state-of-the-art LED lighting system. It can display more than 16 million colors. Here it’s lit up in the American flag colors at night. This is our favorite mystery shot. It portrays the building at night in an eerie way with fog and some illumination.

  1. The Empire State Building at night during NYC pride week with rainbow color lighting.

Looking up in front of the building. A gorgeous night shot with some fog visible at the top. Another wonderful night shot of the building from the distance. : Empire State Building – Best Time
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Is it worth going to top of Empire State Building?

After going through security and the photo spot, I entered the building’s museum, which was fascinating. – A portion of the museum. Gabbi Shaw/Insider If you want to learn more about the building’s history, I would highly recommend paying a visit. The Empire State Building has been part of NYC’s skyline since ground was first broken in 1930. There are lots of exhibits about how much the city has changed in the intervening 92 years.
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Can you bring food to the Empire State Building?

9. Can I bring food and drinks or buy them there? – You can eat and drink at the Empire State Building. There are no restaurants on the observation platforms but the lobby offers small snacks. You can also find numerous cafés and bistros nearby (the Heartland Brewery or Starbucks, for example).
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How long does it take to walk the stairs at the Empire State Building?

Bounding up the Empire State Building step by step By NEW YORK (Reuters) – Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is standard advice to get fit but some athletes and charity runners take it to the extreme with the run up the 1,576 steps of the Empire State Building.

  • For runners who will be racing up the New York landmark on Wednesday, experts advise them to pace themselves.
  • “People get excited and blast through those stairs,” said Eric Talve of the New York Road Runners, which organizes the Empire State Building Run-up, now in its 36th year.
  • “The main thing is to run smartly – not to get out too fast and tire out.”
  • Research has shown that normal stair climbing is an aerobic exercise that works the lower body and core and can burn calories two to three times faster than walking briskly on a level surface.
  • Gary Liguori, an expert in exercise science with the American College of Sports Medicine, recommends at least three months of preparation, such as squatting, lunging, running and stair running to prepare for a climb like the Empire State Building.

“I don’t think you can just hop in and do a run-up,” Liguori said. “It carries more risk than (running on a) flat surface and is much higher intensity.” Rick Feinstein, 69, of Jericho, New York, did the run-up twice about 25 years ago and thinks it will be harder and slower for him this time.

A triathlete who runs and swims five times a week, Feinstein had planned to train for the so-called vertical marathon by running vertically. “I had ambitious plans that once a week I would run up a 40-story building. It hasn’t happened,” said Feinstein, who also has run 33 New York City Marathons. “And now I figure it’s too late.

Like everything else, I’ll have to tough it out.” Twenty-five years ago Feinstein charged to the deck in 14 minutes. These days he said a great time would be under 20 minutes and a realistic one between 22 and 24. “Someone used to say running up the Empire State Building is the equivalent of a hard 2-mile (3.2 km) race,” he said.

  1. Feinstein is looking forward to the run-up, although with some anxiety.
  2. The 700 to 750 men and women expected to scale the building’s 86 floors range from elite athletes who scurry up skyscrapers around the world, to marathoners going vertical, to the approximately 200 entrants running for charities.
  3. With such a wide range of abilities, Talve said, preparation is an individual matter.
  4. “You can practice on a Stairmaster but it’s not quite the same,” he said.

The Empire State Building Run-up was the brainchild of New York City Marathon founder Fred Lebow. The inaugural Run-Up in 1978 was won by Gary Muhrcke, who won the first New York City Marathon in 1970. The fastest runners take about 10 minutes to climb the nearly quarter-mile (.4 km) of steps, round the Observation deck of the iconic skyscraper and finish the evening run.
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How long is the ride to the top of the Empire State Building?

Average Visit Time – 1 hour Did you know? The ride in the elevator up to the 86th Floor Observatory takes less than one minute. The Empire State Building has appeared in more than 250 movies to date. More than 220 couples have wed at the Empire State Building.

  • During the annual Empire State Building Run-Up event, hundreds of people race from the lobby to the 86th floor Observatory.
  • The following package prices INCLUDE discount admission to this attraction and discounted round-trip ferry travel to our Midtown W.39th St. terminal.
  • Our free connecting shuttles take you to or near this attraction.) All sales are final.

No refunds, exchanges or replacements. For same day bookings after 1:00pm on Saturday & Sunday tickets are available at the Port Imperial ticket office.
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When was the last time someone jumped off the Empire State Building?

Evelyn McHale
Born Evelyn Francis McHale September 20, 1923 Berkeley, California, U.S.
Died May 1, 1947 (aged 23) New York City, New York, U.S.
Cause of death Suicide by jumping
Occupation(s) Bookkeeper, US Army Corps

Evelyn Francis McHale (September 20, 1923 – May 1, 1947) was an American bookkeeper who died by suicide by jumping from the 86th-floor observation deck of the Empire State Building, A photograph taken four minutes after her death by photography student Robert Wiles subsequently gained iconic status, being referred to as “the most beautiful suicide”.
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How much did workers get paid building the Empire State?

Construction Workers for the Empire State Building – There were 3,400 construction laborers who worked on the projects. They earned about $15 per day and built 2.5 floors every week. In total, construction finished in a record time of 1 year and 45 days – unheard of even in today’s construction climate. Hur Lång Tid Tog Det Att Bygga Empire State Building Image from the New York Public Library Digital Collection, Sadly, this project was not without accidents. Official reports state that 5 workers died on the job from slip and fall accidents or from struck-by accidents. Unofficial rumors say that hundreds of workers died.
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How long did it take to build the 102 storey Empire State Building?

1928 The original location of the renowned Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Fifth Avenue is sold to Bethlehem Engineering Corporation for an estimated $20 million. In just a few years the building is demolished, becoming the site of the world’s most ambitious building project – the Empire State Building.1929 Former General Motors executive John Jakob Raskob, along with Coleman du Pont, Pierre S.

Du Pont, Louis G. Kaufman, and Ellis P. Earle, form Empire State, Inc. and name Alfred E. Smith, former Governor of New York, to head the corporation.1930 Construction of the Empire State Building begins on March 17. Occupying a central spot on Fifth Avenue, it is to be the world’s first 100+ story building.

With the direction of architects Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates and builders Starrett Bros. & Eken, the framework rises 4 ½ stories per week.1931 In a record-breaking 1 year and 45 days, construction on the building is completed. The 102-story building is the talk of the town and, on May 1, President Hoover presses a button in Washington, D.C., officially opening the building and turning on the Empire State Building’s lights for the very first time.1932 As the world’s tallest building, the Empire State Building quickly becomes an acclaimed tourist attraction.

People from across the world flock to the building, paying 10 cents to peer through a telescope at New York City. In 6 months, the building collects more than $3,000 in nickels and dimes.1933 “King Kong” debuts in New York City on March 2nd, putting the Empire State Building front-and-center for one of cinema’s most famous films.

It’s the first of many iconic roles the building will play on the silver screen and among its most important pop culture moments.1946 Fifteen years after its opening, the Empire State Building had become the headquarters for several major organizations and approximately 15,000 employees.

By this point, the Empire State was among the world’s most profitable buildings and one of its most recognizable and beloved pieces of architecture.1950 To allow more stations to use the Empire State Building antenna, the building installs a new 222-foot tall, 60-ton antenna, pushing the spire height to 1,472 feet.1955 The American Society of Civil Engineers selects the Empire State Building as one of the seven greatest engineering achievements in America’s history, ranking it alongside the Hoover Dam and Panama Canal – one of many distinctions the building has received over the years.1956 As a symbol of welcome and freedom to visitors, four large beacon lights are installed at the foot of the tower.

These beacons, which could be seen across the city, were known as “The Freedom Lights.” 1961 Lawrence A. Wien, Peter L. Malkin, and Harry B. Helmsley buy the Empire State Building for $65 million (approximately $557 million today). The price, which does not include the land, is the highest ever paid for a single building.1969 The Empire State Building serves as the finish line for the Daily Mail Transatlantic Air Race, which saw 360 “runners” – men and women piloting jets, propeller planes, and helicopters – make the long trans-Atlantic trek from London’s Post Office Tower to New York City.1976 The Empire State Building Observatory receives its 50 millionth visitor.

Today, we welcome millions every year to our incredible observatories! 1976 To honor the United States Bicentennial, the Empire State Building installs colored floodlights to illuminate the building at night, lighting up in red, white and blue. This led to today’s very popular Lighting Partners program, which you can learn more about on our Tower Lights Page,1978 February 15 marks the inaugural Empire State Building Annual Run-Up, hosted by the New York Road Runner Club, challenging racers to climb the more than 1,500 steps to the top.

Today, the Run-Up remains a time-honored tradition at ESB that we host every year. Learn more about this year’s race here,1981 On May 18, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission declares the Empire State Building a landmark.1986 The Empire State Building is recognized as a National Historic Landmark by the National Parks Services.1994 On February 14, the first Valentine’s Day weddings take place at the Empire State Building.

  • More than 250 couples have exchanged their vows during the event since its inception.
  • The annually televised event is covered by news outlets around the globe.
  • Looking to pop the question? We know just the place to do it.
  • Learn more about our observatories.2006 As the Empire State Building celebrates its 75th anniversary, ownership plans the Empire State ReBuilding program.

A sweeping refresh of the entire building, the program includes a complete restoration of ESB’s art deco lobby and the faithful recreation of its original gold and aluminum ceiling. Learn more about the building.2007 The Empire State Building is ranked #1 on the list of America’s Favorite Architecture by the American Institute of Architects, beating out other national landmarks including the White House, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Washington Cathedral, and more.2009 President Bill Clinton, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Anthony E.

  • Malkin announce the Empire State Building’s groundbreaking energy efficiency retrofit program.
  • An unprecedented, multi-year program, it involves a range of tech, systems, and architectural optimizations making it the global model for retrofitting existing buildings.
  • The $65 million modernization program introduces new elevators, climate systems, and technology upgrades.6,514 ESB windows are replaced in the biggest window replacement ever authorized by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and frames are installed in the building’s original distinctive red.

Want to see how we’re evolving today? Learn more about our sustainability efforts.2009 On September 29, the newly renovated ceiling in the Fifth Avenue lobby is unveiled, precisely recreated in the image of the original on opening day. A masterful art deco mural, it takes artisans 20,000 working hours to execute the renovation – longer than the original construction of the building.

  1. Want to learn more about this incredible feat? Visit our Design & Architecture page.2010 We’ve gone digital! The Empire State Building connects with more than 500,000 fans globally through Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Today, that number is in the millions – and rising! Are you following the World’s Most Famous Building? Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook ! 2011 The Empire State Building receives the 2011 Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The same year, the building earns its LEED Gold certification, in recognition of its modernization efforts, including the Empire State ReBuilding program.2012 The Empire State Building unveils a new LED lighting system capable of 16,000,000 different colors.

With this upgrade, the building has even more ways to wow tourists and New Yorkers alike. Want to see how we’re lit right now? Check out our Tower Lights page.2018 On August 24, a new 34th Street visitor entrance is unveiled and opened to the general public. For nearly all our visitors, its where they first step into the beautiful world of the Empire State Building and features our welcome wall – a social media icon – as well as a realistic scale model of the building.2019 After a comprehensive renovation of the 2nd and 80th floor exhibition spaces, a new Empire State Building is revealed.

Visitors can now live the Empire State Building experience like never before, stepping into a world of history, pop culture, glamor and NYC culture. The building’s transformation includes a stunning, reimagined 102nd floor observatory, offering the most breathtaking views the city has to offer.
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Did any workers fall when building the Empire State Building?

A Tower of Tragedy – As it turned out, the Empire State Building’s construction was fraught with danger. During the 13 months it took to build, five workers died via accidental slips and falls from the structure, or they were struck by heavy construction materials.

  1. Considering the 3,400 workers who were on-site at the peak of construction, some of which were immortalized in Lewis Hine’s exquisite photography, the death toll was relatively low, although it was rumored that fatalities were likely in the hundreds.
  2. In addition to the workers who died tragically during construction, the Empire State Building has been the site of numerous suicides and suicide attempts for almost a century.

One of the first incidents occurred while the building was still under construction: A worker who was fired from the job took his own life by jumping down an open elevator shaft. Decades later, the first unsuccessful suicide attempt earned 29-year-old Bronx resident Elvita Adams the nickname “Lucky One.” After losing her job sometime before the attempt, Adams was living off of $100 welfare checks and facing potential eviction from her home.
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What is the average wait time in line for the Empire State Building?

How Long Is the Wait – The wait time to enter the elevators at the Empire State Building is generally between twenty and forty-five minutes. Buying your ticket online in advance will decrease your wait. With an express admission, you minimize your wait time even further. We strongly recommend purchasing an express admission ticket ) in advance, especially during the summer, major holidays, and weekends. Floors : There are a few different types of admission to consider. Your first decision is whether you are happy just going up to the 86th floor, or if you also want to head up to the 102nd floor. The 102nd floor offers an incredible bird’s eye view of the city.

  1. On this floor, we loved the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and vistas that can stretch up to eighty miles if you are lucky enough to visit on a clear day.
  2. Ticket Types : Regardless of which floor you are visiting, you can choose from general admission or upgrade to the express ticket.
  3. Naturally, general admission is a little cheaper.

However, with the express ticket, you’ll receive expedited admission, saving you time waiting in line for the elevator. The ) allows you to skip the lines to the decks you are visiting, so you won’t waste your precious time in New York! Reservations are required for this type of ticket.
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